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Twisted Loop Towel | 600 GSM | 60x80 CM | Single Side

Twisted Loop Towel | 600 GSM | 60x80 CM | Single Side

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Material: warp/weft knitting, coral fleece, glass cleaning, waffle grid, pineapple grid, suede, diamond cloth, long&short loop, twist loop ect.
Color: Common colors in stock, customized color according to Pantone.
Size: 60x80 GSM
Usage Safe and Gentle on Even the Most Sensitive Surfaces

Premium Quality Single Side Twist Loop Drying Towel-Super Water Absorption For Car Drying


It features twisted terry loops that greatly increase the pile length and fiber surface contact for faster drying and higher absorbency. Double long piles of twisted material makes more water absorption.

They have become a new generation of glass & window cleaning towels for car wash and auto detailing. Twisted loop towels are quickly becoming the most popular way to dry a vehicle due to how quick they are to absorb water for a streak free finish. In our eyes theres no better way to dry your car.

The 700 GSM makes them even more absorbent and stronger, so you can be confident in a quality cleaning experience. These towels are a must-have for any avid car washer or detailer.

Soft Invisible Edges, Scratch Free:

The design has interior sewn edges, and center stitching for structural integrity and durability. It delicate texture, soft, skin-friendly and fast drying and will not scratch Paints, Coats, Glass, or any surface.

It picks up dirt and holds it deep in its structure, preventing scratches while drying your car. This powerful combination of absorbency and durability make the Single Side , Twisted Loop Towel great for any automotive detailing job. It won't scratch delicate surfaces, and its strong absorbency makes cleaning and drying fast and easy.

Super Water Absorption, Fast Drying

Twisted weaves to provide the best drying performance. 100% Scratch Free, ultra and absorption. This 700GSM microfiber twist drying towel performs particularly well in windows, glass and plastic surface and can still absorb scratch free when slightly wet. It's a reliable cleaning solution that won't damage any surfaces, so you can get fast and effective results, plus convenient, comfortable use.



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